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compliance with

compliance with 符合 双语对照 词典结果:网络释义1. 符合(名词) 例句:1.But what no one doubts is that compliance with the ever-expanding rule book iswearisome and hard. 但是唯一可以确定的是,想要符合日渐繁杂的规章制度已经是难上加难了.

compliance com.pli.ance[km`plaIns; kmplains]《comply,compliant 的名词》不可数名词1 (对于要求、命令等的) 服从,顺从; 遵守; 应允[with]in ~ with? 听从…,遵守…2 盲从; 和蔼,温和

顺从;听从;服从compliance 英[kmplans] 美[kmplans] n. 服从,听从;承诺;柔软度;顺度 [例句]Such steps would reduce compliance costs while providing investors with more information.这些举措将减少遵从成本,从而为投资者提供更多信息.

The measure of the load to bend the hose with no pressure shall (be compliant with )the service the hose is intended to.在无压情况下弯曲软管的负载大小应(符合)软管预期的应用.Making of accessories of air tube, elbows should( be in

comply with是动词和介词组成的词组,表示符合,它在句中做谓语.in compliance with是由介词in、with与名词compliance组成的词组,也表示符合、按照,但在句中一般做表语或状语例1:The results are not in compliance with the requirements(表语)(结果与要求不符)例2:The plan should be conducted in copliance with the requirement(状语)(计划应该按照要求进行)

be compliant with 和 be compliance with 的区别:1、be compliant with 必须符合要求2、be compliance with 应该符合要求举例如下:The measure of the load to bend the hose with no pressure shall【be compliant with 】the service the hose is

Compliance with the law 遵守法律 suBstantial compliance with the law 实际上遵守法律 enforce compliance with the law 强迫服从法律

1. in conformity with sth :following the rules of sth;conforming to sth eg: regulations that are in conformity with European law2. in accordance with sth (formal) :according to a rule or the way that sb says that sth should be done eg:in accordance with

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