不适于(be in no condition to do ) He is in no condition to travel.他的健康状况不宜于旅行.身体或者心理状况好/不好;健康状况佳/不佳.(in /out of condition) I have had no exercise for ages; I am really out of condition. 我很久没运动了,现在健

change his/her condition 结婚 in an interesting condition <英>怀孕的 in no condition to do sth 身体状况不适宜做某事 in (out of) condition 健康状况好(不好) make it a condition that 以为条件 on no condition 决不 on/upon condition that 在条件下 on this/that condition 在这种/ 那种条件下

the conditions of 什么的条件

with the condition不是个短语,意思就是在条件下.

这个就是固定用法了 背下来就可以

under more favorable condition 在更有利的情况(条件)下

if not, 不算,是连接词 + 省略的否定副词;on condition (that) - 是.不过怎么称呼无所谓,能正确运用即可.

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