前者是公民市民 后者是二者的集合称 或统称

independent from独立于.双语对照例句:1.They understood that an informed citizenry requires news that is independent fromgovernment. 他们明白,信息灵通的公民需要独立于政府的新闻.2.Chinese state-owned companies have

unify n.使联合;使同意;使相同,使一致citizenry n.〔总称〕公民联合起来的公民

population作人口解释时,是不可数名词.population 英 [ppju'len] 美 [ppju'len] n. 人口;(全体)居民;群体1、population的基本意思是“人口”,还可指居住在某地的“全体居民”,作主语时谓语动词用单数形式; 在表示

Sports and Healthy Sports are good for our body,they can keep us away from bing weak and make us feel good,so the life can be more wonderfull.Many people like and take part in all kinds of sports,like swimming ,sking,badkteball,football and so on.Healthy citizenry can make a heathy contry,Everybody come on!

citizen id number公民身份号码公民身份证号码citizen英 [stzn] 美 [stzn]n.公民; 国民; 市民; 平民西铁城;公民;市民;星辰复数: citizens派生词:citizenry citizenshipnumber英 [nmb(r)] 美 [nmb]n.数字; 数量; 号码; 编号v.标号; 总计; 把…算作数字;数量;号码;编号复数: numbers 过去式: numbered 过去分词: numbered 现在分词: numbering 第三人称单数: numbers


I like lots of sports, playing badminton is my favorite! First playing badminton does a lot of good to my health. It can make me strong, prevent me from getting too fat, and keep me fit. Especially badminton can be of great value to people who work

human being和human race是近意词 其区别实在是很微小,用中文很难解释清楚 因为2者在中文的意思都是人类 但是用英语解释你应该就能明白起定义上的区别了 首先是human being 1. any living or extinct member of the family Hominidae

legalism[英]['li:glzm] [美]['lglzm] n.拘泥于法律或规定的人,律法尊重主义者The ultimate effect of legalism is to lower our.律法主义的最终影响是让我们低看神的能.Conflict and merge of confucianism and legalism.儒家和法家思想的

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