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cruel at worst

往最好的方面看是浪费, 往最坏的方面看是残酷说好听是浪费,说的难听就是残忍就是这个意思啦


at+最高级,表示最……如:at least,最少at most,最多at best,最好at worst,最差

-which- materials 是主语can- be- thrown是谓语- into- the- sea是状语 depending- on- the- nature -of- them是条件状语 .如果depending 换成depends的话 是可以的 -which- materials- can -be- thrown- into- the- sea 是主语从句作主语depends on是谓语 the nature of them是宾语 两句话 意思一样 系统不让提交 说相似

at worst 在最坏的情况下;作为最坏的可能性They wanted to isolate those lock-ups so that - at worst - they would only affect an individual user, and not be able to impact the health of the overall system in any way. 他们希望隔离这些锁定,这样即使在最坏的情况下,也只会影响到单个用户,而不会对整个系统的健康有任何影响.at least 至少At least it should be. 至少应该是极少的.

at worst at best在最坏的情况下at worst at best在最坏的情况下

当然是用最高级at worst了!

was[英] [wz, wz,wz] [美] [wz, wz,wz] v. 用来表示某人或某物即主语本身,用来表示某人或某物属于某一群体或有某种性质( be的过去式 );在,存在;不受干扰;weren't[英] [w:nt,wnt] [美] [wnt, wrnt] 不是worse[英] [w:

at worst[简明英汉词典] adv. 在最坏的情况下 在某人最糟糕的时候

歌曲名:Worse Comes To Worst歌手:Billy Joel专辑:Piano Man (Legacy Edition)Today I'm livin' like a rich man's sonTomorrow mornin' I could be a bumIt doesn't matter which direction, thoughI know a woman in New MexicoChorus:Worse

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