delegation英 [del'ge()n]美 [,dl'en]n. 代表团;授权;委托 短语 Delegation 代表团,委托,授权member delegation 成员委派,成员委托delegation model 代理模型,委托模型,器的代理模子望采纳,谢谢.

delegation [不可数名词]意思: 代表的委派;委任,授权Mr. Wan has just received the delegation as a school principal.万先生刚刚接受作为校长的委任.delegation(s) [可数名词]意思: 代表团; 派遣委员团; 派遣代表The French and British delegations are just arriving at the conference. 法国和代表团刚到会.

delegation 英[delgen] 美[dlen] n. 授权; 委派; 代表(团); [例句]He was sent to New York as part of the Dutch delegation to the United Nations. 他作为出席联合国会议的荷兰代表团成员被派往纽约. [其他] 复数:delegations

(Delegation) 是指如何将职权分配在主管与其几个部属之间. 赋权 (Empowerment) 意指允许并帮助部属,使其有能力去做


delegation 解释为“代表团”时,是可数名词.

delegationn.代表团, 授权, 委托delegationDelegation describes a group of people who are very important visitors from another country or another place.For example: The delegation from the Unite States to China comprised of the president and

delegation : 委托 JDK中的消息就是基于委托模型Java事件机制:http://hoodman.javaeye.com/blog/497256composition :组合.组合又是一种特殊的聚集.在一个组合对象中,部分对象只能作为组成对象的一部分与组合对象同时存在.

区别:1)with 表示同等比较或动作对待的对象,掌握常用的一些词组:sb. be familiar with sth.be at peace with 与…和睦相处.Be patient with children.对孩子要耐心.2)of 带有所属或同位关系,表示性质、内容 、状况等,动作的主体或对象.例如:a long story of adventure.the arrival of the delegation.It is clever of you to do so.3)about 指代关于某件事情,某个事物,即about sth.例如:talk about


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