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in charge of

in charge of 的意思是“管理,负责”.含主动的意义,常与动词be搭配,句子的主语可以是人,职务或由人构成的单位.如:a new headmaster will be in charge of our school. our class is in charge of the young trees around the classroom building. in the charge of 意思“被管理”, 也与动词be搭配,但主语一般是物,并含有被动的意思.如:the hospital is in the charge of professor wang.

in charge of和in the charge of都是短语介词,其后都接名词或代词作宾语. in charge of主动,主语往往是人 in the charge of 被动,主语一般是物 in charge of“管理,看管” in the charge of “被 管理,在管理之下” 同时in the charge of 也可

in charge of 指的是一种状态,take charge of 指的是开始控制这个动作,be responsible for 应该是前者的同义词.

in charge of 对.负责,可以做表语,定语.He is in charge fo this project.Yon can ask the man, he is in charge fo this project.The clerk charge of this project isn't in this moment.不带宾语时,不用of the teacher- in- charge班主任

in charge of(=be responsible for)译为“由负责(管理)”,主语通常是管理者,of后的宾语是被管理的人或事物.例如: She is in charge of the children; 而in the charge of用法相反,主语通常是被管理者,宾语是管理者.也可说in/under one's charge,例如:These children are safely in the charge of a nurse.

都是管理,但in charge of 为主动eg.sb is in charge of a company他管理一个公司.而in the charge of 为被动如上式=the company is in the charge of him.公司被他管理

in charge of 和be in charge of用法的不同:1、in charge of 和be in charge of意思相同,都是“负责”.2、in charge(of)在句中作后置定语修饰它前面的名词.3、be in charge of 在句中作谓语.拓展资料 in charge of1、He is in charge of the

in charge of 指对某项工作或事情负责

意思上的区别,in charge 负责,看管,在看管下in the charge of 由负责,由看管in charge of 负责,主管take charge of 接管,负责charge for free 免费,不用钱charge for 索价,要价,为……收费

in charge of 负责管理.. 例句 Commissary in charge of organization 组织委员 Commissary in charge of publicity 宣传委员 Man in charge of livestock (男)畜牧工,饲养员 be in charge of, act on, or dispose of. 负责、作用于或处理. All questions of cost will be remitted to the officer In charge of the accounts. 所有的开销问题都要报请那位负责账目的官员同意

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