indifference 英[ndfrns] 美[ndfrns, -dfrns] n. 不重视,不在乎,漠不关心;中立,中性;冷淡;无差 [例句]The indifference concept is a particularly unfortunate example of the psychologizing error.无差异概念是心理化错误的一个特定的不幸例子.

英语音标:百[ndf()r()ns] 美语音标:[ndfrns] 中文翻译 n.不重视;无兴趣;漠不关心度 单词例句 用作名回词 (n.) He treated my letter with indifference. 他不重视我的信件.答 Doctrinal indifference is no solution to the problem of doctrinal differences. 教条化的不重视并非解决教条差异问题的良方.I feel let down by his indifference. 他的漠不关心使我感到失望.

Elegant indifference的中文翻译 Elegant indifference 优雅的冷漠 双语例句 1 Value and meaning of life overall reflection on the honor and narrow non-small of my indifference forgotten the conscious suffering of the dead bear and endure the

determined to be tired heartless indifference确定是累了. 无情的冷漠双语对照例句:1.Cos I began to be tired of my job sometime unknown before. 因为我已经不知从某时开始厌倦了我现在的工作

歌曲名:Indifference歌手:Noisear专辑:Turbulent ResurgenceYour pretending fooled us allOptimistic delusionalHyperactive and so it showsIts time to measure the immeasurable.Our indifference growsFrom the common evil known.The future''s

loser KK: [] DJ: [] n.[C]1. 遗失者;损失者;损失物 I found a wallet at the bus stop and then tried to look for the loser.我在公共汽车站拾到一个钱包后,便设法寻找失主.2. 失败者 Our team was the loser by five points.我队以五分之差败北.以上结果由 Dr.eye译典通字典 提供

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你好!treat 英[tri:t] 美[trit] n. 招待; 款待; 乐事; 乐趣; v. 治疗; 对待; 处理; 款待; [例句]Artie treated most women with indifference 阿蒂对大多数女人都漠不关心.

indifference to [英]ndfrns tu: [美]ndfrns tu 对…漠不关心 [例句]Many younger chinese express indifference to this episode , but older activists will still try to commemorate it.很多较年轻的中国人表示出对这一事件的漠不关心,

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