acquisitiveness占有欲双语对照词典结果:acquisitiveness[英]['kwztvns][美]['kwztvns]n.能够获得并保存的; 例句:1.The world would be a happier place than it is if acquisitiveness were always stronger thanrivalry. 如果占有欲

briefness发音:英 ['bri:fns] 美 ['bri:fns] n.简单,短促例句:briefness is the beauty of our thinking, although complexity is the fact of the world.简洁是我们的思维之美,虽然复杂是这个世界的本质

relentless [ri'lentlis]adj.无情的;严酷的;不宽容的;残忍的坚韧的;不懈的;百折不挠的例:He was tireless, he was relentless, he would not take no for an answer, because Iwould give him no over and over again, and it was not the answer he wanted. 他孜孜不倦、坚持不懈,不会因别人说不行而罢休,我就多次对他说过不行,而那并不是他希望得到的回答.

它是单词 love 派生词,加后缀 -less 变成它反义词 loveless 意为无爱的/没有爱情的,再在其反义词末加后缀 -ness,就成了它的反义词的名词形式 lovelessness 意为 无爱/没有爱情.


brusqueness 唐突;直率;唐突的例句筛选1.abrupt Her brusqueness offends many people.她的粗暴无礼冒犯很多人.2.The brusqueness is unusual.那样的唐突很不寻常.


necessariness n. necessary的变形 necessary adj. 1. 必要的,必需的;必不可少的,必须的 2. 必然的,不可避免的,势必的

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