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wasteful at best

往最好的方面看是浪费, 往最坏的方面看是残酷说好听是浪费,说的难听就是残忍就是这个意思啦


那些不为人知的动物研究需要提供这些治疗方案.就像新的疗法和疫苗一样.动物研究似乎是最浪费也是最残忍的. to those who.定语从句. was needed..被动句. as well as同位语从句.

-which- materials 是主语can- be- thrown是谓语- into- the- sea是状语 depending- on- the- nature -of- them是条件状语 .如果depending 换成depends的话 是可以的 -which- materials- can -be- thrown- into- the- sea 是主语从句作主语depends on是谓语 the nature of them是宾语 两句话 意思一样 系统不让提交 说相似

East and or west,home is best的意思:金窝,银窝,不如自家的狗窝.home 英 [hm] 美 [hom] n.家;住所;(可买卖的)房子,住宅,寓所;家乡;故乡;定居地.adj.家的;家庭的;在家里做的;家用的;本国的;国内的.adv.到家;

When I was a tiny baby crying all night, my mom sang to me and stayed by my side. 当我是个小宝宝整夜哭闹的时候,妈妈依偎在我身旁,唱歌送我入梦乡. When I was tired and hungry, she gave me food and warm arms to sleep in. 当我累了饿了

sincerely 很正式的场合,一般是商务邮件往来中用;regards 比较正式的场合,一般领导或者年长者沟通往来;best wishes 很随意了,朋友,同学之间

The process of zil's departure from Real Madrid began at the end of last season. zil and his father asked for a contract extension to 2019 and 7 million after tax per season. But the club made its intentions clear: "Now is not the time".The

"My mom is my best friend. I can talk to her about everything, she helps me through everything. We don't really have any secrets," I said, playing with the weave of the orange upholstered chair I was sitting on in a cramped therapist office at the

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