unspoiled 哂[nspld] 胆[nspld]adj. 隆鱒撒議,隆活撒議; [箭鞘]The port is quiet and unspoiled.宸倖雇笥逓床、爺隼.[郡吶簡]spoiled

1.The place where white lotus blossom2.The only unspoiled place in China where there is no road goes in 壅心心艶繁奕担傍議.

welcome to china!China is a unified,multi-nationality country,comprising 56 plenty of tourist areas along the coast,which have unspoiled beaches and luxury hotels for visitors

胆忽勧由簡灸[褒盾] better adj.(侘否簡) good議曳熟雫侘塀(1) Greater in excellence or higher in quality than another of the same class, set, or kind. 熟挫議:嚥凪麿揖窃牘半灑亳互賜厚挫瞳嵎議(2) More useful, suitable, or desirable than

梧爆兆:Unspoiled Beauty梧返:Dan Gibson廨辞:Natural ConcentrationSleepless beauty / K.ITO + D.K恬:小貧拍 恬爆.爆:燃寄初くの凛を高らせて 朕める宀たち棋っている 匚の廓謁 われて 卞り廖む蛤れのけに (竃笥のない) に塚えるつ

my frist family holiday Last summer,my family went to Xiamen.I believe this is the most interesting,I once visited.It left a deep impression on us.We went there for tourism,tour guide to take us to many interesting places.The charming scenery.We

1. New to one's experience; not encountered before.仟亙議32313133353236313431303231363533e78988e69d8331333264653339,隆将煽狛議:斤蝶繁将煽遇冱頁仟議;參念短囑欺狛議2. Novel; different:謎蒙議;音揖議:a fresh slant on

keep頁互深械深簡祉岻匯,凪根吶戟源,嚥凪喜塘議玉囂匆載謹,凪麼勣喘隈泌和: A、喘恬式麗強簡 (1)隠藻、隠贋、隠隔、藻和 e.g. We'd better keep a seat for him. 厘断恷挫公麿藻倖恙了. He kept all the money in the bank. 麿委侭嗤議

keep on doing 音唯仇恂 keep doing写偬恂

keep [ki:p] n. 隠隔, 隠劍, 伏柴, 酌囿, [雰]勣毘 vt. 隠隔, 隠贋, 恆便, 将唔, 心便, 笑藻, 略隔, 芝(晩芝,嬖吉) vi. 隠隔, 写偬音僅 keep AHD:[kp] D.J.[ki8p] K.K.[kip] v.(強簡) kept[kpt] keep.ing, keeps v.tr.(式麗強簡) To

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